Why we are different?

We have a structured and proven model that is clear and efficient, to catapult the marketing results for companies we work with. Whether it’s refreshing the brand logo, improving brand awareness, expanding into new markets, leveraging your digital exposure through targeted performance strategies.

We work with companies across a variety of industry sectors including consumer goods, fashion, finance, sport, health and beauty, hospitality and property.


Our Mission

To build outstanding marketing platforms for our clients and create an environment outside talent wants to join

Our Values

Output to the highest level we can Integrity, confidentiality and honesty to all clients. Exceed our clients expectations Be the best creative team we can be Be sought after

Our Vision

After more than two decades in marketing, the founder of HofnCo has changed the vision of the company. We want to be a competitive force, that is able to deliver for a competitive price , sustainable and ongoing marketing strategies and platforms for our clients internally and externally. HofnCo had one vision: the most innovative and fast moving marketing company globally. We are not the normal run of the mill company  We will engage with you, transform your marketing outputs and offer the hard line to success. We are more concerned about being straight with you about your business, rather than signing you into a contract and going through the motions. We are entrepreneurs, we are always looking for the better in best. We want to share that journey with you!

What are our plans over the next 5 years?

Bigger. Better. Global. Creators. Leaders. Innovators.

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